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Changes are happening so quickly that there is no end to the possibilities for the future of Customer Care. Which trends are you preparing for and what additional trends should be on your radar? Re-imagine: SOCAP’s Customer Care Conference, October 21-24 in Salt Lake City, will provide us all with the opportunity to gather together and discuss the future of our industry. We’ll discuss:

SOCAP Benchmark Survey Update
Triad Services

This session will present results from a survey regarding channel deployment, social media channel usage and how the new channel data is being used.  This benchmark was conducted with SOCAP members in August 2018. This is an opportunity to compare with peers and exchange on successful practices to enhance customer care.

Customer Care Automation by Design
McKinsey & Company

Care organizations should be pursuing automation opportunities – from RPA to chatbots to artificial intelligence – but when an organization wants to optimize journeys or processes with the ideal combination of user experience and automation they need to incorporate Design Thinking into Automation.  In this session, McKinsey will provide an overview of the advances in automation in the customer care space.  What are some of the innovative uses of new technologies?  How are leading organizations leveraging technology to both reduce costs and enhance the customer experience? What will the next five years bring in both adoption and innovation? Finally we’ll answer questions specific to session participants – tell us how to help start you down the right path.

Re-imagine the Front Line: Leveraging Digital Capabilities to Supercharge Your Agents
McKinsey & Company

Increasing lifetime employee value through people analytics: Advances in automation and other technologies are changing the contact center landscape. Over the next five years, organizations will increasingly eliminate lower complexity transactional interactions as automation, chat bots and other digital tools allow customers to resolve a host of problems without human interaction. Over time, companies should see a decline in human contact volume, however the mix of contacts will also drastically change. Five years ago an agent could expect 80% of their calls to be “easy” and transactional in nature while 20% would require more advanced problem solving. Over the next several years, that ratio will reverse and the majority of customer contacts will be challenging. The skills and abilities needed for a contact center agent of the future will be very different than today. How do companies find the right talent to meet this need? Through the use of people analytics, organizations are improving Lifetime Employee Value by identifying characteristics of higher performance, gaps in existing employee talent and engagement and taking specific action to make more informed hiring decisions and prepare for the future workforce. In this session, McKinsey will discuss examples of successful efforts to use new techniques to solve the increasing problem of finding and engaging the right people.

Re-Imagine Gamification to Leverage It’s Power in Your Contact Center
Hyatt; Snowfly Performance Incentives

Gamification has become a buzzword that is touted as a “cure-all” solution for every problem in the workplace. Gamification is used to address a broad range of topics including: tenure and turnover, engagement and motivation, performance improvement, recognition and incentives, instilling a more positive company culture, and meeting business goals. Gamification “fixes” all of it. But what really IS gamification? If it “fixes everything” then how come it isn’t used everywhere? What are the best ways to implement gamification and what does that look like? What are some gamification best-practices and how are other major brands, like Hyatt Hotels, leveraging gamification in their organizations? How do we begin implementing a EFFECTIVE gamification-based solution? If any of these questions sound familiar, then this session is for you.

To The Moon and Back: Taking Consumer Support Global
Pfizer Consumer Health; C3i Solutions

Interested in globalizing your consumer support approach but not sure where to start? In this presentation Pfizer Consumer Healthcare (PCH) and C3i Solutions will share how they successfully expanded from US support to regional support in 18 countries, in as many months. Through harmonized process and global team capabilities, from Jan2017 to Jun2018 PCH was able to seamlessly expand consumer support capabilities in North America, EMEA, and APAC. The case study presented will shed light on the strategic decisions and streamlined internal organizations which made these regional expansions a success. With fluid communications, global responsibility and harmonized processes, Global E-commerce support is now within reach!. Join this presentation to learn how you can take your support to the next level.

Video Email: Messages Your Consumers Want to Receive
Nestle; C3i Solutions

Surprising and delighting clients is more than a colorful sign on the wall in our office, it’s a real way of life. When we were approached in January of 2017 by our client, Nestle, to find a fresh and unique way to personalize interactions with their customers, our team jumped at the chance. Little did we know what an incredible impact Video Email would have on consumers!

Working together, it was determined that personalized videos could be leveraged most successfully by using them in lieu of a written reply to an inquiry or complaint. Videos are recorded in the office by help desk analysts and sent directly to the consumer.

As brands find more innovative ways to grab consumer’s attention, video has become a meaningful part of the strategic conversation. Video email today is no longer an “up-and-coming” marketing tactic, it’s here and it’s a powerful way to communicate the brand story, explain value proposition and build relationships with consumers.

Be a Bar-Raiser: Upping Your Customer Service Team’s “Value Add”
Brinker International; Astute

Customer Care departments have long struggled to be seen as more than a necessary cost center, one-dimensionally resolving customer issues. In this workshop, attendees will have the opportunity to share impactful steps they’ve taken in their own organizations to provide an unexpected service or innovative function that ultimately elevated how company leadership viewed and utilized their department. Attendees will walk away inspired to reconnect with operational basics, to approach their roles differently, and in the end, Raising the Bar for their Customer Care teams. Brinker International (Chili’s & Maggiano’s) and Astute  will navigate the discussion and share successful initiatives from their worlds.

How to Create Legendary Social Care: Using AI, Bots, Analytics and the Human Touch!
McDonald’s Corporation; HGS

Social media customer service has been around for longer than a decade. The difference between 10 years ago and now is that a new generation is taking to social media for help, and expecting a mind-blowing customer experience. Most brands have master how to respond to customers, but now it’s time to take your service to the next level and create legendary social care.

In this session we will discuss:

  • What does legendary means?
  • How to achieve fast response times
  • How to leverage AI to weed out non-actionable posts
  • How to leverage automation, to route the right posts to the right team members
  • How to train agents to spot a post that is a brand crisis waiting to happen
  • How to tap into your creative brand voice
  • How to use analytics to decode the voice of the customer in social media space

Building a Contact Center Culture with LEGO

In this interactive session, learn what The LEGO Group has used for over 15 years to build their contact center’s global culture. Amanda will discuss the process used to create this framework and take a deeper dive by discussing how they keep it alive. You will walk away inspired to implement a similar idea in your organization and equipped to bring the concept to life.

Social Care and Risk Management – Adapting Social Response on Real-Time Consumer Sentiment
General Mills; Clarabridge

Proactive posts on social media should never be a “set it and forget it” scenario. You would never start a conversation in a group of people and then walk away. Social media is the same – in this session, we are going to look at how Cheerios monitors for risk, carefully watches consumer social sentiment and stays nimble enough to adjust in real-time.

A Brand’s True Currency is Trust
OfferUp; HKT Teleservices

There are many options when it comes to buying and selling personal items these days. From apps to auctions to online classifieds, unloading unwanted gems should be easy. Unfortunately, while options abound, most are rife with scammers trying to get something for nothing. Even worse, criminals exploit inherent system weaknesses to prey on unsuspecting members. This not only harms unwitting victims, it damages brand sentiment and erodes confidence among even loyal customers. OfferUp is forging a safer customer journey and gaining market share along the way. This seminar will explore how OfferUp — the largest mobile marketplace in the country — chose to bet everything on creating a safe customer journey. Jerry Howe, VP of Customer Experience & safety, will discuss how and why they partnered with law enforcement, hired former police officers and military personnel and how they incorporate Trust & Safety into nearly every decision they make. Howe will also explain how this approach helps brands attract and retain top talent. HKT Teleservices supports OfferUp with a dedicated Trust & Safety team that investigates potential fraud; works with law enforcement and OfferUp users to ensure the customer journey is safe for all involved. Dave Shapiro will address how BPOs must understand a brand’s mission and do what it takes to help carry it out. Attendees will learn how to:

  1. Balance building trust with customer experience
  2. Create a tactical roadmap that earns trust
  3. Leverage trust for growth and marketplace liquidity

The Myth of NPS & CSAT: Your Business is Unique, Why Isn’t The Way You Measure Customer Engagement?
Bulletproof; Interaction Metrics; Travelzoo

Are you ready to ask yourselves – and your customers – the hard questions about your relationship with each other? Turns out, the way  you’ve been measuring loyalty and satisfaction may be all wrong.  The Net Promoter Score/System and traditional CSAT measures have, for decades, asserted there is a single, universal metric for measuring customer loyalty. Using a combination of statistics, social science and good old-fashioned common sense, we will debunk the single metric myth and learn new ways to improve the customer experience that go beyond surveys and set the stage for you to shake up your “business as usual” metrics mentality.