Exhibitor Spotlight: Language Services Associates

SOCAP is a member-driven association committed to advancing customer care and engagement at all levels of business and represents a dynamic, collaborative community of best-in-class customer care experts across all industries. In order to achieve our goal of building community, curating content, and delivering industry insights to advance customer care and engagement, we arrange workshops, webinars, and conferences throughout the year. None of these events would be possible without presentations and exhibits from some amazing companies. As we approach our annual fall conference, this year titled “Re-Imagine Customer Care”, we would like to turn the spotlight on those exhibitors and thank them for sharing with us.

Founded in 1991, Language Services Associates (LSA) has a strong reputation for helping clients build relationships, ensure accuracy, and make trusted connections with their limited English proficient customers and patients. For more than 2,000 clients worldwide, in more than 200 languages, LSA provides a competitive differentiator in the healthcare, government, financial, insurance, banking, entertainment, hospitality and manufacturing industries. Their services include Interpreting by Telephone, Face-to-Face Interpreting, Video Remote Interpreting, American Sign Language, Translation and Localization, and Language Assessments.

LSA’s core values are at the heart of their corporate culture. Their employees and linguists know that what they do matters; they approach every situation with passion and purpose; they have a can-do attitude; they never stop learning; they always do the right thing. With these values in mind, they can be sure that they’re facing every challenge with awareness and confidence, while also maintaining their motivation and focus.

We are very grateful to have the support of such an empathetic and respected company. Thank you, LSA, for sharing your expertise with us. If you would like to meet some of the quality professionals from LSA, join us at Re-Imagine Customer Care in Salt Lake City this October.


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