SOCAP is a member-driven association committed to advancing customer care and engagement at all levels of business and represents a dynamic, collaborative community of best-in-class customer care experts across all industries. In order to achieve our goal of building community, curating content, and delivering industry insights to advance customer care and engagement, we arrange workshops, webinars, and conferences throughout the year. None of these events would be possible without presentations and exhibits from some amazing companies. As we approach our annual fall conference, this year titled “Re-Imagine Customer Care”, we would like to turn the spotlight on those exhibitors and thank them for sharing with us.

Fonolo is the leading provider of cloud-based call-backs, with innovative solutions intended to reduce abandon rates, improve customer experience, and lower costs. With solutions like In-Call Rescue, Mobile Rescue, Web Rescue, and SMS Alerts, Fonolo helps to keep customers happy by getting them a call back so they don’t get stuck waiting for a customer service representative. They offer a turn-key appliance to keep all voice traffic on site, allowing compliance with strict security requirements as well as remote operation by Fonolo.

Any company with a call center can benefit from the services Fonolo provides. Their clients include financial institutions, travel groups, IP and telecommunications companies, pharmaceutical companies, retailers, and more. Regardless of the size or industry, if a company has conversations with customers, be they via web or phone, Fonolo quickly and conveniently routes customers through the call center, connecting them to the right agent while eliminating hold time.

We are very grateful to have the support of such a forward-thinking company. Thank you, Fonolo, for sharing your expertise with us. If you would like to meet some of the bright professionals from Fonolo, join us at Re-Imagine Customer Care in Salt Lake City this October.